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By: Donna Monday
This holiday season you might say that old fashioned glitter and glamour is back. The online beauty tips web site has snooped out what?s hot this season: a modernized version of the old Hollywood glamour look.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #1: Healthy Bronzed Skin
It may be cold and snowy out but you'll look like you just flew in from sunny California. Achieve the look with a tinted moisturizer or bronzing powder.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #2: Sparkling Eyes
Forget twinkle toes. Make your eyes the center of attention with a little sparkle. Achieve the look with glitter eye shadow and eye liner, optional: apply jeweled false eyelashes.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #3: Glossy Lips
Plain lips become beautiful lips that look moist and dreamy with the right shade and lots of shine. Achieve the look with shiny lipstick in shades of pink or plum, or use a non-color gloss over a subtle shade of lipstick.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #4: Upswept Hair and Loose Waves
A casual upswept do adds a bit of sophistication to your holiday look. Achieve the look by sectioning hair into two parts--below and above the ear. Twist and pin the bottom section into a tight bun. Sweep the top half back and tease out individual strands of hair. Loose waves bring back the 1930s era with style. Achieve the look with a large barrel curling iron.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #5: Glitter Nails
All that glitters is golden for nails this season. Glitter adds the perfect finishing touch to beautifully manicured hands. Achieve the look with tinted or clear glitter nail polish. Or, add jeweled rhinestones to polished nails.

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